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Is your vehicle’s headliner sagging over your head or highly visible in the rear window? Do you lack the time to leave your automobile in a shop while they conduct repairs? Mobile Headliner is your surefire solution to all these concerns and more!

Headliner in Car is Falling DownBreathe new life into your vehicle with Mobile Headliner Repair and Replacement Services. We’ve been proudly serving the Greater Atlanta area since 1989. Whether you are in the office or home, we are willing to come to you. Most vehicles will require less than an hour to complete. With over 22 years of experience of performing all kinds of repairs and replacements to headliners, we are more than confident of restoring your automobile’s interior to glory.

What is the Car Headliner?

In a nutshell, it’s the car’s ceiling material that covers interior of the car’s roof.

Common problems of headliners are sagging, or simple deterioration with age, and may require repair or replacement. There are two headliner designs, bow and board, and each have their own unique problems:

Bow – Common in cars up until the mid-1970s, bow headliners consist of sections of cloth or vinyl that have been sewn together and suspended from metal rods across the underside of the car roof. Common problems with the bow headliner are sun damage along the edges, and the drying and disintegration of the foam used in the headliner backing. The result is sagging, which not only looks shabby but can also impair vision which as you know, is very dangerous when driving. These are commonly seen on classic vehicles. As the ceiling material ages, it may get holes or the thread holding it together may deteriorate. Generally, it’s impractical to repair a bow headliner and completely replacing it is the way to go.

Board – Most newer model cars, trucks, vans and SUVs have a headliner board that is covered with fabric or vinyl, and sometimes these can get damaged. While the headliner may sometimes be glued back in place, the usual remedy is to replace either the headliner material or the headliner board.

Services Provided

Listed below are the some of the core services that we provide:

  • Car headliner repair and installation
  • Auto upholstery repair
  • Car interior repair
  • Car convertible top repair
  • Car ceiling repair
  • Sagging car ceiling repair
  • Car sunroof repair
  • Suede headliner installation and repair
  • Custom car headliner
  • Car ceiling fabric repair and installation

We service all car models and makes. Prices vary from car to car and is estimated based on the level of work done. Occasionally additional parts are needed for repairs which factor into the price of the service. We can make an estimate based on your description of the problem with your vehicle’s interior over the phone. A more accurate estimate will be given at the site of your vehicle.
Cities Served: All cities within the Metro Atlanta area

Our Goal is simple – EXCEED all customer expectations. We specialize in bringing your vehicle back to its full glory using repair methods that save you both time and money.

So if you’d like to have your headliner stop rubbing on the top of your head and eliminating all that nasty, crumbly material that blows around everywhere and get in your eyes when the windows are rolled down (you know what we’re talking about!) – call Mobile Headliner now!

We’ll restore your vehicle interior back to brand new condition. Rest assured that you’ll love to drive your automobile again with that fresh headliner over your head. Contact us now at (404) 863-9842

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